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HED Works with Tencent to Access IoT Trust ID Security Services

From May 21 to 23, 2019, Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit was held at Dianchi International Convention & Exhibition Center, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China. Globally well-known industrial and technical experts and researchers of the digital economy joined the discussion on the smart industrial upgrade and the development trend of the digital economy, and shared the development results in industrial innovation. On May 22, Tencent released its IoT Trust ID services featuring multiple security levels, cross platform, and small resource occupation at the "Symposium of Smart Energy and Smart Manufacturing," upgrading Tencent security in all aspects. As a mainstream manufacturer of security SE chips in China, CEC Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd. ("HED") took the lead in accessing Tencent IoT TID services and became a core partner of security SE chips for its IoT TID services. HED and Tencent will contribute their respective technologies, products, services, and experience in the manner of openness, sharing, and mutual benefits in their specialized and mature fields, so as to jointly build the Internet of Things.

Tencent Cloud releases the IoT Trust ID services

IoT Trust ID provides customers with IoT device identity authentication services featuring multiple security levels, cross platform, and small resource occupation. With respect to the fragmentation feature of the computation and network access capability of IoT devices, the products cover hardware and software solutions having different security levels; they support different computing platforms from no operating system and RTOS to Linux, support mainstream international encryption algorithms and China cryptogram algorithms, and are capable of full-process visualized configuration with the control console to help customers quickly access the TID device identity authentication services and improve security for IoT device access authentication and data in all aspects.

Compared with security solutions based solely on software, HED’s SE security chips provide an option of higher security carrier for accessing IoT TID services, and meet the requirements of supporting China commercial algorithms (SM2, SM3, and SM4). With dual safeguarding of hardware and software, SE security chips can improve the security mechanism of various IoT applications in all aspects. In smart door locks, for example, it is known to all that security is the core requirement for smart door locks, and people are having higher and higher requirements on personal privacy and property security. On the basis of SE security chips, TID device identity authentication services may provide device-cloud bi-directional authentication and key negotiation for smart door locks to ensure one password for one device and one password for one use, so as to prevent device forge and intermediary hijacking and protect the data security of sensitive operations including unlock instructions and unlock history.

By now, HED’s security chips have been successfully used in people’s lives, including smart door locks, smart household appliances, smart metering, and smart connected vehicles; in the future, HED will continue its in-depth cooperation with Tencent in more IoT fields to build a smarter, more secure, and stronger IoT ecosystem by mutually complementary, exchange, and beneficial cooperation.

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