Press Release
Three Security Chip Products of HED Are Granted the Trademark License of Alibaba Cloud ID2 INSIDE

Recently, three security chip products from the CIU series of HED integrating Alibaba Cloud Link ID2 device authentication services became the SE products that have been granted the trademark license of Alibaba Cloud ID2 INSIDE. Covering multiple consumption and industrial applications, HED’s SE products stand out in the chips from a number of chip manufacturers on the market of IoT SE chips and are steadily taking the leading position.

As a mainstream Chinese supplier for China’s resident identity cards, bank cards, social security cards, SIM cards, and industrial M2M cards, HED has been operating for over ten years in the industry of identification and information security. HED has been in cooperation with the IoT Department of Alibaba Cloud since 2015, and has participated in the preparation of multiple security-related codes of IoT Connectivity Alliance (ICA). By combining HED’s rich experience in identification and information security with the IoT security advantages of Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Cloud’s security codes for IoT devices were promulgated promptly. Standards precede products. Seizing the business opportunities, HED worked with partners for the restructuring and complementation of high-quality resources on the market of IoT SE Chips, and always keep the strategic priority of industrial standards.

The IoT security has requirements in the following three aspects at present: 1. identification; 2. unidirectional or bi-directional identity authentication between the device and the cloud; and 3. encrypted data transmission between the device and the cloud. HED’s security SE products integrating Alibaba Cloud’s Link ID2 device identity authentication services insist on the customer orientation to meet the feature requirements above, and have been successfully put in commercial use. HED has a total of three security chip products granted the trademark license of ID2 INSIDE this time. Supporting all international and China’s state cryptogram algorithms and multiple different interfaces (I2C/UART/SPI/7816/USB, etc.), the products are available for consumption applications and for industrial applications as different categories, indicating that the products have entered the important stage of all-around commercialization. Meeting most scenarios in IoT secure applications, including smart household appliances, smart door lock, smart metering, smart gateway, etc., HED’s security chip products are the security guard for IoT devices.

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