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HED Attends the Door Lock Seminar Hosted by IBRC and BCTC to Share Its Application Achievements in Security Chips for Door Locks

On January 16, 2019, the Seminar of Smart Door Lock Applications and Security was successfully held in Shenzhen, China. This Seminar was jointly held by the National Technical Committee on Digital Technique of Intelligent Building and Residence Community of Standardization Administration of China ("IBRC"), the Bank Card Test Center ("BCTC"), and the National Joint Laboratory of Intelligent Locks Security Testing. CEC Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd. ("HED") was invited to attend the event as a manufacturer of security chips for smart door locks, and shared its application achievements in the security chips for door locks as a professional player in door lock security and a partner in the door lock industrial chain to jointly lead and promote the stable development of the industrial chain and ecology.

The Seminar mainly discussed the policy orientation, industrial development plans, interpretation of the Digital Technique Application of Building and Residence Community - Security of Smart Door Locks (Guidelines), applications of door locks, and test technologies. As a mainstream manufacturer of security SE chips in China, HED mainly discussed security chips at this Seminar to reveal the security mechanism of door lock chips in both the hardware and software aspects. Meanwhile, with respect to different business modes for smart door locks, HED released multiple security solutions and products based on China cryptogram algorithms to meet application requirements in the industry. By now, HED has finished the secure connection to public clouds and operators, and is capable of rapidly implement product solutions for users.

Mr. Li Dan, Sales Director of HED IoT Solutions, is giving a speech

With the continuous development of the smart door lock industry in 2019, a total of 30 million smart door locks are expected to be sold in China. With the population of smart door locks in nowadays, HED actively participates in the drafting of IBRC - Security Technology of Smart Door Locks (Guidelines), and strives to work with players in the smart door lock industry, including module manufacturers, smart door lock manufacturers, operators, and cloud service providers for the purpose of more stable, professional, and well-considered operation. HED is willing to share and exchange its achievements and experience in the implementation of security chips for door locks with partners in the industrial chain of smart door locks - to learn from the opinions of pioneers in the industry to make sufficient technical and product preparation for the future rapid growth in smart door locks, and to provide fresh application experience as reference for new players in the industry to join the smart door lock industry more quickly and in a better manner. Echoing with the theme of this Seminar, HED also expects to develop with the industry by means of "joint promotion and building, mutual sharing and benefits" with partners from all sectors.

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