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HED Is Awarded “Prize of Most Influential Enterprise in IoT Security” For Three Consecutive Years

On February 25, 2020, the annual assessment results of the Chinese IoT industry-“2019 IoT Star Awards” hosted by China IoT Industry Application Alliance and Shenzhen IoT Industry Association were officially announced. CEC Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd. (“HED”) was awarded the “Prize of Most Influential Enterprise in IoT Security” again. By now, HED has been awarded this prize for three consecutive years, further cementing its market position as a core supplier of IoT security chips in China.

2019 Prize of Most Influential Enterprise in IoT Security

Source: IoT Media Wechat Official Account

The “IOT Star Awards”, originated in 2008, is the most professional and influential non-profit selection in Chinese IoT industry and is known as the “Oscar” of Chinese IoT industry. In this event, a panel of thousands of experts from upstream and downstream enterprises and alliance associations participated in voting. The prize for security enterprises of "IoT Start Awards" indicates the recognition of HED’s products and services by the IoT industry.

HED is committed to providing security chips and solutions for IoT information security. With HED’s rich experience in identification and information security, HED proactively promotes the application of security chips in many IoT industries, such as smart home, smart security, smart metering, smart transportation, IoV, etc. The sales volume of its products has exceeded ten million.

In terms of innovation, HED’s products need to be powered by batteries in most IoT scenarios, which puts forward higher requirements on the standby power consumption and operating power consumption of security chips. HED has developed a series of ultra-low power security chips based on advanced IC process to meet the demand of security chips in low power IoT scenarios. Besides, by improving the quality of security chips, HED has achieved a breakthrough from consumer-grade to vehicle-standard products, with its chips being used in IoV projects implementing “China VI Vehicle Emission Standards”. For business model, HED actively cooperates with all parties in the industry chain, including cloud service providers, security solution providers, operators and module manufacturers, and opens up the connection between the IoT device and the cloud, so as to help IoT device manufacturers quickly access the secure cloud. HED, as the leader, promoter and practitioner of the application of “security chips with Chinese encryption algorithms” in the IoT industry, guides the security development of the IoT industry and lays a solid foundation for the sound development of the IoT industry.

The achievements made by HED in recent years have also been endorsed and applauded by industry partners and customers. In October 2019, HED was awarded the “Chinese Chip Market Performance Product Prize” by China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute, indicating that HED is the only security chip supplier with excellent market performance. In the future, HED will innovate more IoT security products and solutions geared toward the growing market and industry demand, safeguarding the sound development of the IoT Industry. Meanwhile, HED will proactively advance independent and controllable security chips, and promote the widespread application of “security chips with Chinese encryption algorithms” in various areas involving people’s livelihood to enable people to share in the benefits.

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