Press Release
A Financial Chip of HED Is Awarded the 2019 “Chinese Chip” Market Performance Product Prize

From October 25 to 26, the 14th Conference on Promotion of “Chinese Chip” IC Industry 2019 was held in Qingdao, at which China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute as the sponsor announced the 14th “Chinese Chip” awards. With its independent and secure core technology, stable and reliable product performance and competitive market share, the dual-interface financial chip CIU9872B of CEC Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd. (“HED”) stands out from a number of domestic chips and wins the 2019 “Chinese Chip” Market Performance Product Prize.

Ma Jing, General Manager of HED Sales Center, is accepting the award (fifth from the left)

The “Chinese Chip” prize assessment event has passed 13 years, aiming to build a centralized display platform for products of Chinese IC enterprises and create a top-notch public brand in the Chinese IC industry, so as to promote the IC industry development in China. The “Market Performance Product” awards are specially granted to chips with independent intellectual property rights which have outstanding sales performance in the main market applications over the past two years.

Recently, HED has been focusing on development of CIU9872B, a dual-interface high-security chip. This chip fully integrates HED’s core technologies, such as chip security design, power consumption balancing, high reliability and process control, and has the following advantages:

Superior Performance
This chip adopts 32-bit high-security processor core, and has rich memory capacity configuration, adaptive functions of field strength, and excellent transaction performance.
High Safety, High Reliability and High Compatibility

It supports SM2, SM3, SM4 and other commercial encryption algorithms, has passed the security product certification of UnionPay card chips, Class-2 qualification of commercial cryptography, information security EAL4+ certification, T-union product certification, and other certifications by EMVCo and other authoritative institutions both at home and aboard, meets the requirements in the financial field and other application scenarios demanding high security. The hundreds of millions of chips are applied in the financial field. Besides, it features stable functions, good compatibility and high reliability.

Recognized by Vast Financial Users
This chip has been fully used by six state-owned commercial banks and various joint-stock banks, which is highly applauded by users. Giving its successful application, this chip won the “Research and Application Demonstration Prize of Chinese Cryptograph Technology in the Financial Field” awarded by the relevant department.

Promote the Localization of Industrial Chain
Based on the entire industrial chain, including domestic design, domestic manufacturing and domestic packaging and testing, this chip promotes the localization of chip industry chain in the financial field and other fields demanding high security, and greatly contributes to the process of chip localization and the popularity of localized chip applications.

As a leading Chinese smart card security chip supplier, HED attains its large-scale development in terms of financial payment, government public utilities, identification, telecommunications and other smart card chip fields, and also makes great breakthroughs in the emerging IoT security chip fields such as smart home, smart metering and IoV.

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