Press Release
Hed Obtained the Information Security Certificate for Automobile Security Chip in the First Batch 2022-11-27
ICBC Digital Rmb Gas Application is Aided by the HED Security Chips 2022-09-05
The development of the Internet of Vehicle security ecosystem is accelerated by HED smart networked vehicle security "chip" products 2022-08-19
Heads of the Zhongguancun Science Park (Chaoyang) Management Committee visited HED 2022-03-19
HED Releases the First Security Chip in the Smart Safeguard Systems 2021-11-26
HED Releases Several Security “Chips” 2021-10-25
Breaking News︱HED has Won “Prize of Most Influential Enterprise in IoT Security” For Four Consecutive Years 2021-04-20
HED Safeguards Information Security of the Smart and Connected Vehicle—CATARC Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with HED 2021-04-08
Quectel Works With HED To Develop Enhanced Development Board of NB-IoT To Boost Security of IoT 2020-06-22
HED Is Awarded “Prize of Most Influential Enterprise in IoT Security” For Three Consecutive Years 2020-02-26
HED Is Awarded “Prize of Most Influential Enterprise in IoT Security” For Three Consecutive Years 2019-12-20
A Financial Chip of HED Is Awarded the 2019 “Chinese Chip” Market Performance Product Prize 2019-10-28
HED Has Delivered 15 Billion Security Chips With Building of IoT Security Chip Ecosystem as its Priority 2019-08-02
HED Works with Tencent to Access IoT Trust ID Security Services 2019-05-22
HED Helps the Metering Industry to Upgrade and Release the Chip Solution for IoT Smart Metering Data Security 2019-04-04
HED Is Awarded the "2018 Prize of Most Influential Enterprise in IoT Security" 2019-03-12
HED Attends the Door Lock Seminar Hosted by IBRC and BCTC to Share Its Application Achievements in Security Chips for Door Locks 2019-01-19
HED Is Admitted as a Member of China Mobile IoT Alliance 2018-12-10
Three Security Chip Products of HED Are Granted the Trademark License of Alibaba Cloud ID2 INSIDE 2018-12-02
IDEX Biometrics and HED to collaborate on reference design for biometric smart cards 2018-11-30
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