IoT Metering

The metering industry in China has experienced three significant development stages: from mechanical metering to smart metering, and to the present IoT metering. The conventional mechanical metering has certain cost advantages; however, the manner of meter reading by personal visits is inconvenient to both the business and the users. Smart metering solved such problem of manual metering by using prepaid cards; however, users are required to go to specified locations to make purchases, and may frequently experience embarrassing conditions with the water, electricity, or gas supply suspended because the prepaid amount has been exhausted. IoT metering, emerged in the development of IoT technologies, supports multiple payment modes, including pre-payment and post-payment, and supports tiered pricing and remote control functions, hence solves many problems existing in conventional mechanical metering and smart metering devices.

IoT devices are connected in a large range and face more and more security threats: data leakage due to attacks on the cloud, data tampering and theft due to attacks on the transmission link, and attacks on and hijacking of devices; as a result, the IoT has increasing requirements on security.

The IoT security solution based on HED’s SE is capable of ensuring data security between the terminal equipment and the cloud; by providing the secure operating environment, security algorithms, security interfaces, etc., the SE can process, compute, and store data securely, so as to achieve credible identity authentication, encrypted data transmission, protection of sensitive information, etc., safeguard the secure operation of IoT devices, and protect the security of users’ property and privacy.

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