Internet of Vehicles

Thanks to the maturity of smart connected vehicle systems, the Internet of Vehicles is turning from concept to reality. In this process, more attacks are about to occur, and the occurrence of security problems due to attacks by hackers is likely to cause serious traffic accidents threating the lives of people. Therefore, information security is a significant safeguard means for the development of the Internet of Vehicles.

The solution for the Internet of Vehicles based on HED’s highly secure SE incorporates security protection for the on-board bus, ECU, OBD, TBOX, and IVI for ensuring on-board security, and safeguards the link security for the on-board network and TSP platform by deploying SE on key nodes. With respect to V2X security, devices such as on-board units and road-side units use the integrated SE to store the unique Internet access identification, registration certificate, and application certificate, and solves issues such as protocol cracking, unauthorized authentication, and privacy leakage by signing and signature verification operations on communication messages.

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