Smart Household Appliances

With the rapid development of the IoT technologies in the field of household appliances, our lives are becoming more convenient and easier with the help of smart devices, such as lighting, temperature control, air purification, and camera devices; meanwhile, the IoT technologies inevitably cause security problems. With many devices running without security measures, such as encryption, authentication, and access control and management, data in the IoT is prone to theft and unauthorized access, such as the security threat that an intruder may obtain users’ privacy information by intruding into their smart devices.

In the solution for smart household appliances based on the highly secure SE, the terminal equipment has a unique identity, and comprehensive security service features are supported, including cloud access authentication, communication link encryption, secure OTA, secure storage, and firmware protection.
HED’s SE products are compatible with many mainstream communication modules and general MCUs from China and abroad, and have a matching device-end SDK, based on which developers may rapidly invoke SE security features.

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