Smart Door Lock

As a complex lock device featuring security, convenience, and cutting-edge technologies, smart door locks may be unlocked by means of fingerprint, password, Bluetooth on mobile phones, IC card, and key, hence greatly improved the convenience in its use. Such convenience calls for security assurance - since the door lock security is crucial to family life safety and property safety and involves personal privacy, both lock manufacturers and end users have urgent security requirements with respect to locks. The requirement of establishing a secure channel between the lock and the "key" results in the solution of secure smart door locks.

The solution of smart door locks based on HED’s highly secure SE has created a multi-level security architecture for smart door locks. As the security core of door locks, the SE supports credible links with the cloud in the upstream direction, containing login authentication, communication link encryption, etc., and manages and issues authentication keys in the near-field environment, that is, various "keys" including IC cards, smart mobile phones, and personal passwords, so as to achieve comprehensive protection against various security attacks either from the network or in the near field.

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