Press Release
HED’s appearance at the 2017 OIDAA Conference

The 2017 OIDAA Conference hosted by First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security was successfully held in Beijing on November 17, 2017. With the theme of "authority, reliability, security and convenience," this conference invited leaders from the Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs, National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Public Security, authoritative industry experts, academicians and representatives of all member units to attend. Zhu Jianzhong, Vice General Manager of CEC Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HED"), one of the member units, made his presence at this conference along with the online ID application scheme.

Chen Botao, security expert of HED, gave a keynote speech called "Security Chip of HED Boost Reliable Online ID Authentication" at the parallel session named "Joint Point of Terminal Device and Electronic Chip Regarding Online ID Application," detailing security products and security design technology of HED and cases of their online ID application, which was applauded and highly approved by attendees.

At this conference, with the theme of "Reliable HED ID Authentication Security Chip," HED showcased multiple security chips and theirs application solutions, indicating its strength in security chip and intelligent terminal area.

This conference provided a good and open platform for users in this industry as well as partners from different industries to better understand products of HED. HED hopes to take the lead in the development of chip in China and work with all enterprise of this industrial chain to move forward.

About HED
CEC Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HED"), founded in June 2002 and wholly owned by China Electronics Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CEC") (00085.HKSE), is China’s well-known smart card and IoT security chip supplier as well as total solution provider.
HED is the global top four smart card chip vender. Its products are widely applied in financial payment, government public utilities, identification, telecommunications and mobile payments etc. both at home and abroad. In recent years, HED has committed to new technology R&D and new applications exploration of the IoT and launches new product line and system solutions to gear to the requirements of intelligent transportation, intelligent home, intelligent grid, intelligent manufacturing, and other areas of the IoT.
To look ahead, HED will continue to explore technology innovation, develop new products and promote innovative applications, striving to provide the market and industry with quality products and provide clients with greater value.

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