Press Release
HED joined China Mobile IoT Alliance to provide “security chips” for safeguarding the development of IoT industries

Recently, the Symposium on China Mobile OneLink Capability Exposure Ecosystem & Third Meeting of the eSIM Executive Committee of China Mobile IoT Alliance was successfully held in Guiyang. China Mobile IoT Company Limited and China Mobile IoT Alliance witnessed the occasion with industrial partners in their joint endeavors. CEC Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd. (“HED”), which was invited to attend the meeting, joined China Mobile IoT Alliance in their efforts to jointly promote the development of IoT industries and promote the building of China Mobile’s IoT ecosystem under the idea of “opening, sharing, cooperation, and mutual benefits.”

China Mobile IoT Alliance issuing the membership certificate of the IoT eSIM Executive Committee to HED

As a well-known vendor of smart cards, security chips, and application solutions thereof in China, HED has built up experience and technologies in the area of conventional smart cards for over ten years, and its products have been widely used in financial payment, government public utilities, identification, telecommunications, mobile payment, etc.

In the context of the unprecedented development of IoT at present, HED has always being considering how to assist customers in a better manner by providing high-security, high-performance, and highly reliable eSIM and security chips for telecommunications operators. By joining China Mobile IoT Alliance and becoming a member of the eSIM Executive Committee, HED will work with the operator to release a series of eSIM and security chip solutions based on security technologies for various industrial partners of devices, networks, platforms, and application in an open and win-win manner, thereby building a new brand of “HED security chips” and safeguarding the prosperous development of IoT industries.

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