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HED worked with China Telecom Zhejiang Corporation to jointly release the NB secure smart cloud lock solution

On October 19, 2018, the launch event of “IoT Chips, Surfing Security, Lock Capability - NB Secure Cloud Lock Solution” hosted by China Telecom Zhejiang Corporation was held in Hangzhou. As a joint sponsor for this launch event, CEC Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd. (“HED”) made a speech of “Security Chip Solution for Smart Door Locks” in the ceremony to introduce security threats challenging smart Internet-based door locks and the application solutions of and roles played by security chips in the security of smart Internet-based door lock. As the security core of the entire NB security cloud lock solution, security chips provide secure key storage and secure encryption and decryption algorithms to meet various security requirements of information reporting and local & remote unlocking for smart Internet-based door locks by a variety of security means, including key scattering and dynamic authentication. The integration of HED’s security chips will definitely further enhance the information security of smart door locks.


Fang Junyu, General Manager of IoT Center at China Telecom Zhejiang Corporation, making a speech at the launch event of NB secure cloud locks

China’s smart door lock market is experiencing rapid growth. According to a report of the China Industrial Institution of Smart Door Locks, smart door locks in China reached 8 million in 2017, and are expected to be doubled in 2018. At present, smart Internet-based door locks are primarily available with ZigBee jump gateways and NB-IoT, while NB smart door locks are undergoing rapid growth. On the background that China Telecom has made comprehensive deployment of NB networks and Zhejiang is a major site of China’s door lock manufacturers, the “one-stop” security cloud lock solution based on China Telecom’s NB and “Surfing Smart Cloud” platform released by China Telecom Zhejiang Corporation relieves the pain points of security, communication, and cloud platform experienced by Internet-based smart door lock manufacturers and users. This solution has passed the level III certification of national security protection, and provides all-round security policies for the lock industry: a security authentication cloud embedded with China Telecom’s Surfing Smart Cloud platform is integrated with the NB security gateway of HED’s hardware SE to build an IoT security system; China Telecom’s 800M NB network is used as the Internet access channel for cloud locks; the Surfing Smart Cloud platform deployed at China Telecom Zhejiang Corporation is used to guarantee the data security and protect privacy information of users, which greatly facilitates the upgrade and transformation of manufacturers of conventional door locks to manufacturers of smart Internet-based door locks.

As a well-known vendor of smart cards, security chips, and application solutions thereof in China, HED has built up experience and technologies in the area of conventional smart cards for over ten years, and its products have been widely used in financial payment, government public utilities, identification, telecommunications, mobile payment, etc. HED participated in the whole development process of China Telecom Zhejiang Corporation’s NB security smart door lock solution, and provided new security concepts and creative ideas for the integrated solution of smart door locks on the basis of its experiences in security applications in many industries for years. HED’s security chips, as the security core for the solution, greatly safeguard the information security between smart door locks and the cloud, and the operation security for local and remote unlocking.


HED representative making a speech of “solutions of security chips for smart door locks”

This launch event is a combination of intelligence and opportunities for IoT industries among telecommunications operators, door lock manufacturers, smart door lock application integrators, IoT security solution providers, and security chip manufacturers. China Telecom Zhejiang Corporation worked with HED and other industrial players to jointly create a secure, reliable, and convenient NB security cloud lock solution by making full use of their respective technical advantages, which solves the problems that cannot be solved by individual conventional manufacturers of door locks and safe deposits, promotes the industrial upgrade of the industry, and lays a solid security foundation for the rapid growth of large-scale application of future smart cloud lock business and IoT industries.

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