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HED Is Awarded the "2018 Prize of Most Influential Enterprise in IoT Security"

On March 12, 2019, the 2019 Conference of Thousands of Chinese IoT CEOs hosted by China IoT Industry Application Alliance was held in Suzhou International Expo Center. CEC Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd. ("HED") was awarded the "IoT Star Awards - 2018 Price of Most Influential Enterprise in IoT Security." It is HED’s new strategic layout from "chip manufacturer of smart cards" to "chip manufacturer of IoT security."

Since 2008, the "IoT Star Awards" have passed 11 years. The event of this year attracted over 300,000 professionals and a panel of 653 experts to rate and vote for enterprises. Nearly 400 enterprises participated in the event, covering the whole industry chain of IoT; after the expert assessment for nearly 2 months, the assessment result was entirely decided by the votes of the panel of experts, who have been strictly reviewed by the organization committee. The prize for security enterprises of "IoT Start Awards" indicates the recognition of HED by the IoT industry.


Ms. Ma Jing, General Manager of HED Sales Center, is accepting the award (fourth from the right)

The 2019 Central Economic Work Conference emphasized the construction of new infrastructure, including IoT, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet, to enhance investments in inter-city transportation, logistics, and municipal infrastructure. In the macro context of the economic environment, this proposal reflects the far-reaching technological outlook and the firm strategic perseverance.

As a well-known manufacturer of chips for smart cards in China, HED bases itself on its existing smart card business with an annual delivery of 1.5 billion chips, and responds to the call of the central government to devote itself to the IoT fields including "smart household appliances, smart metering, and smart connected vehicles," and under the strategic layout of "consumption applications, industrial applications, and vehicle-standard applications, provides complete IoT security SE chips and solutions for all customers in the industry.

As a core manufacturer of IoT security chips in China, HED pays attention to cooperation with strategic partners to combine its experience in identification and information security with the advantages of cloud service providers, so as to implement quick access to security cloud platforms and provide IoT security solutions based on security chips. By now, HED’s security chips have accessed both cloud platforms, including those of Alibaba Cloud, Baidu Cloud, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, and some private cloud platforms.

With respect to products, HED pays special attention to the improvement of product quality and expansion into new applications. The security IoT chips have passed major security certification and tests both in China and abroad, including the certifications of China Bank Card Test Center, Commercial Cryptography Testing Center of China National Administration of State Secrets Protection, China Information Security Certification Center, EMVCo, and Common Criteria. Based on 32-bit CPU, the security IoT chips support international and China cryptogram algorithms (DES/AES/ECC/RSA/SHA-n, SM1/SM2/SM3/SM4/SM9), support abundant peripheral interfaces, and support multiple power consumption modes with the standby power consumption reduced to below 1uA. Depending on the application environments of IoT devices, the chip products are available for consumption applications, industrial applications, and vehicle-standard applications. HED works with customers to customize economic and efficient security solutions with respect to different connection modes of IoT (NB/2G/3G/4G/5G/eMTC, Wifi/Zigbee/BLE/LoRa). In 2018, HED further improved its product portfolio of IoT security chips to meet the different security demands for different application scenarios, and worked with partners to complete the product development and pilot production of security NB modules and security Wi-Fi modules to facilitate the quick deployment of secure IoT solutions by IoT device manufacturers. By now, HED’s security chips have been used in multiple commercial fields, including bicycle-sharing, smart door lock, smart household appliance, smart remote metering, and vehicle-standard applications, with over 50 million chips delivered for bicycle-sharing applications and over a million chips delivered for smart door lock and smart household appliance applications.
The security chips for the future IoT face no limit. Facing the opportunities and challenges, HED will continue its efforts in the business of smart cards and IoT, and based on the idea of "leading by strategic positioning, mutual benefits with partners, and building up the brand and quality," work with all players in the industry to create the "chip" future of IoT security.

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