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Steady Progress of the Ministry of Transport’s All-in-one Card Work – Interconnection Fully Secured by the Industrial Community

Source: yktword.com (http://news.yktworld.com/201412/201412181444324227.html)

It is reported that the all-in-one card interconnection work in the Ministry of Transport is progressing steadily and orderly, and important results have been obtained. Up to the end of November, 2014, the Ministry of Transport had accomplished the laboratory and field tests for the Public Transport IC Card Specification (Pilot); a national wide interconnection clearing and settling platform had been established and put into pilot stage; and a public service platform (TSM), which provided the Ministry of Transport’s applications, industrial application issuing and management services based on the different safety carriers to each industry, had been established at the same time. Now a workflow verification has been completed for this platform and the next step will focused on the determination of rules for clearing and settling operation, in order to speed up the progress of the interconnection work throughout the country.
The City Public Transport IC Card Specification (Pilot) of the Ministry of Transport specifies a technical route that one card shall support the dual-application of E-wallet and E-cash with single balance. It can be compatible to current terminals by software upgrade, or covered with new applications such as E-cash, which can be selected freely by local users. Meanwhile, the regulation specifies the document structure for interconnection. And the cross-transport and cross-region interconnection among public transport, taxi, ferry, high speed rail shall be realized by the interconnection recording document and cross-transport records.

It is known that a pilot work in the Ministry of Transport has been carried out in more than 20 cities such as Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Shijiazhuang and Beijing so far. More than 40 foreign and domestic manufacturers covering the whole industrial chain in the industry participated in the verification of the specification. Especially, the domestic chip providers, card providers, terminal providers and system integrators participated actively. The chip manufacturers such as Beijing CEC HED, Shanghai Huahong and the card manufacturers such as Tianyu, Watchdata and Zhongchao passed the alignment test with the terminal manufacturers and system integrators such as Tianjin IC Card, NewCapec and Tianjin Global Magnetic Card firstly, and the Ministry of Transport’s interconnection test. And they provided the cards for demonstrations in the just completed results presentation meeting for the verification of the city public transport IC card specification.

It is reported that the Ministry of Transport plans to implement the regional interconnection first at Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the Three Provinces in Northeast China, to drive a national wide interconnection through the regional interconnection. Along with the steady progress of the Ministry of Transport’ work, a national wide city all-in-one card will gradually appear in the unified standards and unified management, and the development target of a national wide interconnection will be achieved eventually.

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