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The Ministry of Transport steadily boosts one-card work, the industrial circle fully guarantees interconnection and interworking
Source:One-Card World(http://news.yktworld.com/201412/201412181444324227.html)

It is learned that the Ministry of Transport is steadily and orderly boosting its one-card interconnection and interworking work, and has achieved important results. By the end of November, 2014, the Ministry of Transport has completed the laboratory and field validation tasks for the "public transportation IC card technology standard (trial) "; has established a nationwide interconnection settlement platform, and has entered the trial operation phase; meanwhile, it has set up a public service platform (TSM) to provide various industries with the Ministry of Transport application, industry application distribution and management services based on various security carriers, and currently the process validation of the platform has been completed, and the key point for the next step will be to establish clearing and settlement business rules to speed up the progress of interconnectivity work throughout the country.
The "urban public transportation IC card technology standard (trial) " introduced by the Ministry of Transport uses the technical route of a piece of card supporting the double application and single balance of E-wallet and E-cash card, which can not only be compatible with existing terminals through the software updates, but also cover the new applications such as E-cash, and allow local users to freely choose from. Meanwhile, the Standard stipulates the interconnectivity file structure, relying on interconnectivity record files and the cross-transportation means records therein to realize a cross-transportation means and cross-region interconnectivity such as bus, taxi, ferry and high-speed train.

It is reported that so far, the trial operation of the Ministry of Transport has already been carried through in over 20 cities such as Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Shijiazhuang and Beijing, and more than 40 domestic and foreign manufacturers covering the whole industry chain, especially, the domestic chip makers, card makers, terminal dealers and system integrators in this industry, have actively participated in the technical specification verification work . Domestic chip makers such as CEC Huada Electronic, Shanghai Hua Hong and card makers such as TianYu, Watchdata and ZhongChao took the lead in passing the interconnectivity test of the Ministry of Transport through the join-test verification with terminal manufacturers and system integrators such as Tianjin TongCard, NewCapec and GMCC, and provided demo cards for the just-concluded Public Transportation IC Card Technology Specification Validation Results Exhibition.

It is reported that the Ministry of Transport is planning to realize the regional interconnectivity firstly in regions such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, three provinces in the Northeast so as to stimulate the nationwide interconnection work through the regional interconnectivity. With the steady progress of the effort from the Ministry of Transport, the one-card for all chinese cities will gradually present the situation of unified standard and management, finally realizing the development goal of interconnectivity across China.

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